Securus Technologies is an information technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is most known for its ability to offer high-quality and reliable communication and security products individuals in a niche market. The meaning for Securus is to provide these services to individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system, as well as employees of locations such as prisons, sales, and other areas within the justice system. Securus was recently mentioned online, as they plan on promoting a host of their products to hopefully attract more customers to their corporation. The highlight of the promotion is there free downloadable application for both Apple and Android devices, which allows customers to communicate through seamless streaming video conferencing technology. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.


Inmates and their family members are able to use the software suite to communicate directly with one another, making it possible for them to ignore the traditional forms of visitation. Instead of having to drive long distances in order to see one another, family members of inmates are not able to Simply log into the application on a reliable Wi-Fi connection and see them face to face instead of having to worry about the inconvenience of physical visitation.


There is no doubt that the promotion of this high-efficiency product will allow Securus to generate a higher flow of customers and revenue in the near future. New customers will be able to enjoy the well-known Securus Technologies product line, loyal customers who have been already using Securus and rely on their products will continue to do so knowing that their services will be continuously updated and checked on.