Bernie Sanders drew a very large crowd of just under 10,000 people in Wisconsin recently. The momentum is not real, but it is refreshing. Although Bernie may have support in extremely blue areas, the parts of the country that have to be won are purple states that may need a more centrist message than blue ones. However, the momentum may be enough to pull Hillary towards some of his left leaning arguments. Populist arguments like breaking up big banks, securing women’s reproductive rights and strong unions are not as popular in the media vacuum as many may perceive. Bernie may make them so if he gains any real steam against Hillary who is seen as rather establishment thus far. She currently polls 30 points or more over Sanders and recently hauled in the largest quarter fundraising haul in history.

Most of these campaign contributions were of $100 or less. The $100 threshold is a donation that is small enough to be considered a personal donation. These donations were the first indication that Obama’s campaign was serious in the 2008 campaign. In the age of Citizen’s United, Boraie Development spokespeople say the money is a necessary evil, and that will not change until there is a congressional remedy or a more liberal Supreme Court. Bernie has pledged to not take money from any corporate interest, and this will minimize his ability to be really impactful in the upcoming primary.

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