The Organo Gold company was launched in 2008 and sells a wide range of health promoting coffees, teas and nutritional meal replacements. It originated in the Philippines, however, it has taken the North American market by storm. The beverages are formulated with ganoderma lucidum, a compound found in Lingzhi mushrooms, that provide several health benefits. This idea and concept was pioneered by Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua had a vision to formulate these healthy bioactive beverage products and make them available to consumers through an independent distributor. His efforts have been geared towards bringing ganoderma to different parts of the world.

He grew up in the Philippines and became acquainted with the lingzhi mushroom, as it has been apart of Asian culture for many centuries. Bernardo Chua has has suggested that the best way for the Organ Gold products to reach consumers is through direct sales.

The Lingzhi mushroom is a soft polypore mushroom that comes in a few different varieties. Ganoderma Lucidum reduces stress, increases immune functionality and has anti-cancer properties. The mushrooms are also rich in antioxidants, helps with insulin resistance and boosts the metabolism, thus making it a good supplement for weight management. It is frequently used in Chinese herbal medicine.

It is popular in the Philippines, Japan, Korea and several other parts of Asia. However in the last decade, it has become increasingly popular all over the western world, largely due to the efforts of Bernardo Chua. It is a staple ingredient in Organo Gold products. Their coffees and teas are a good addition to any health regimen.

There is a wide variety of Organo Gold products to choose from. Their Gourmet Black Coffee is an instant beverage and is one of their staple products. It does not contain filler ingredients or artificial flavors. They also sell a Latte and Moch instant mix, Green and Red teas, and a Hot Chocolate. You can purchase a few of their signature flavors in brewing cups as well.

Aside from their coffees and teas, their nutritional shake mixes are offered with the ganoderma compound. These can assist with weight loss and overall health.

All of their products are sold through a network of independent distributors.