Ever since the late 1800s, visual effects have been giving film and video the dazzling qualities they need to truly shine on the screen, and in today’s world, even off the screen. From stop-action to animatronics to CGI effects, the visual media industry has grown exponentially since it was first established.

The technology of today has allowed movie scenes to appear more realistic than ever, and has even reached the point at which creators can make digital humans in holographic form.

Facebook users write that cartoons have been in existence for many years, but they have continually grown more artistic and more realistic as new effects have become available. Just as a cartoon can appear on a screen, a cartoon can also appear as a projection or a hologram. In fact, cartoonish celebrities that perform in holographic form are not uncommon today. Some of the most well-known of them, such as vocaloid Hatsune Miku, exist in Japan. However, technology has also given creators the power to make much more realistic holograms that look rather accurately like human beings.

In 2012, chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation John Textor took part in the process of recreating the image of Elvis Presley to perform in concert. Two years later in 2014, Textor also took part in recreating the illusion of Michael Jackson for the Billboard Music Awards. This became a well-remembered moment by many, as few had ever seen visual effects at such a magnitude. Although the performance was no more than a projection, that projection moved almost exactly like the King of Pop, himself.

Today, workers in the industry of visual media are finding ways to make special effects even more realistic and more successful. As films continue to be produced with increasingly impressive visual effects, creators also continue to search for other uses for digital humans. The possibilities extend far beyond music and acting, for there is no clear limit to what can be learned from science and technology.

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