This Austin-born cosmetic surgeon has said to be the best in America, and even though an appointment with her may be a while away, it is worth the wait. One patient reviewed Dr. Walden saying she had to wait six months for an appointment with her yet she said “it will be worth it.” Not only is she clearly booked because of her talent, but people are willing to wait a long period just to be in the care of Walden hands.

Ranging from face lifts to liposuction, Dr.Jenner Walden and her skilled hands have an outstanding reputation for being capable of performing the best cosmetic surgery. It is undoubted that this talented surgeon can give patients natural and impressive cosmetic changes. The mother of a patient said Jennifer Walden performed a natural-looking rhinoplasty that her and her daughter were “extremely happy” with.

Dr. Walden’s education has consisted of three different universities and one hospital. With her talent and extensive education, it is no wonder she owns her own business at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Jennifer Walden also owns her own clinic and operates a suite, where her and her team take the highest consideration for patients’ safety and care.

Botox, collagen injections, forehead and eyelid lifts, liposuction and breast augmentations; she does it all! Although her talent and popularity may make it difficult to book an appointment, the wait for an amazing end result of any chosen surgery has been concluded to be worth it. It is sure that if a patient seeks the care of Dr. Jennifer Walden, they are in the care of one highly talented and educated woman.

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