Investment has no age limits. Whether young or old, all are compatible with the global investment platform. Mostly in entrepreneurship, many ventures are run by the youth. They are getting a tight grip on the technicalities of the industry and more are succeeding day in day out. It has, in turn, inspired a great lot of people to step up and try their luck in various commercial fields. On the top list is Don Ressler.

Don Ressler started his entrepreneurial career as a teenager. He is one of the youngest business leaders of a company traded in the public market. Currently, Ressler stands tall as a co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab that is a parent company to brands like JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FL2, and Fabkids. The company has experienced remarkable growth since 2010 with a current employee base of over 2,000 employees and annual sales of 650 million dollars.

Don Ressler is now a public figure amidst his huge success at a youthful age. As a result, he has been featured by several media houses including the leading CNBC. The interview sought to discuss JustFab as the online retailer rebrand, its membership, how subscription programs work and how TechStyle works to build its brands.

Don Ressler on the companies commanding billion dollars valuation suggests that it would be more lucrative investing in the Unicorn compared to the wider market. He projects that within a five-year time span, online purchasing will have doubled to a tune of over 100 billion dollars. He explains on that the company is metrics-driven meaning that they have learned and adapted quickly to the business. They keep referring to the numbers, which keep them on toes on all occasions. He admits to full disclosure to the whole team on figures posted whether good or bad. It, in turn, helps everyone to understand the changes ought to be done. More so, he claims that the enterprise gives full attention to feedback from customers which they use to make product decisions at Also, they look for passion while hiring hence the reason behind their thriving.

In 2014, the company outsourced a capital amount of 85 million dollars from existing investors, Shining Capital, Matrix Partner and Technology Crossover Ventures on Zimbio. It, therefore, increased the capitalization of the firm to 250 million dollars. More so, the business has made several acquisitions that have seen it grow and expand its services to France and Spain. It works to offer a personalized shopping experience to all its clients.