Thor Halvorssen is 39 years old. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York. He had launched it in 2005.

Thor Halvorssen is half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan. He was born and brought up in Caracas. He belongs to an influential royal family. His paternal grandfather was the counsel of the Norwegian king in Venezuela. His mother is descendent of the first president of Venezuela. This is why human rights along with individual liberty are so important for Thor Halvorssen.

He has a lot of empathy for dissidents as well as defectors, and those who can stand up against tyranny. The chairman of Human Rights Foundation was Václav Havel. After his death in 2011, the position was given to Garry Kasparov, who is the Russian chess grandmaster.

Thor Halvorssen has been beaten and jailed for his activities for Human Rights. He does not believe in just talking about human rights. He is a man of action.

He is considered as a right-winger by many. He is continually criticizing the left-wing dictators of Latin America.

Thor Halvorssen claims that he is not a conservative. Rather, he labels himself as a classical liberal. He is standing against all kinds of dictators. His aim is to remove tyranny from the world. The political inclination of people does not bother him at all. Click here to know more.

The Human Rights Foundation has a staff of 12. This small number covers all the corners of the globe. His aim is to bring to light any form of authoritarianism in the world. Besides, he would like to give a voice to all dissidents as well as political prisoners so that they can be heard all across the world.

The Oslo Freedom Forum of Human Rights Foundation is an annual feature. It has become its signature as it is a must-attend event for all human rights activists from across the globe.