Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards has formally announced her intention to seek the open senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski. The latter has been the titular Dean of Senate women as she’s the longest serving female in the senate. Mrs. Edwards, an African-American, will seek to retain the Mikulski seat for the Democrat party and women in general. Zeca Oliveira ( that, if elected to office, Edwards would make history as the state’s first African-American senator and first female African-American senator. The state enjoys a strong Democrat voter advantage over the GOP. However, that voter advantage did not materialize in the recent midterm elections when Lt. Governor Anthony Brown suffered an unexpected loss to GOP challenger Larry Hogan. Brown was seeking to become the state’s first African-American governor. He lost the election 47-51. No political pundits had predicted Brown was vulnerable.

Rep. Edwards is said to be an aggressive progressive for the causes she believes in. As such, it is reasonable to expect her to caucus with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. In fact, Rep. Edwards referred to corporate special interests which she said would target her campaign. In addition to taking a populist stand against Wall Street, she fights against domestic violence and for protection of the nation’s two primary entitlements: Social Security & Medicare. It is not known if she, like Senator Warren, is a millionaire. Edwards vowed to fight for the American Dream which she says is available to fewer and fewer residents of her state.

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