Women and men are wondering about the new plastic surgery that tightens a woman’s genital area. This is done sometimes for women that are having issues with sexual intercourse and urination. Some women may experience bladder drop when they get older. This may be a result of childbirth or it may be because of a drastic change in weight. When a woman has issues with leaking urine she may choose to seek medical attention to correct the problem.

There are three myths that Jennifer Walden discusses in her latest article on cosmetic surgery times online. One is that men have unrealistic expectations when they talk about a woman’s genitalia. Tighter vaginal cavities make for better sexual experiences. Jennifer Walden talks about vaginal rejuvenation and the different surgical procedures that are possible. She explains that most of the time it is the woman desiring the surgery, not the man requesting it. Another myth is the need for a decrease or change in the size of a woman’s genitalia. Finally, the last myth is dealing with women and their lack of desire to have orgasms during sex. Each issue is discussed at length in the article.

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