One person is dead and 11 people were injured when tornadoes ripped through Illinois. The death occurred in Fairdale, a town about 80 miles from Chicago. Multiple touchdowns were reported as a severe storm entered the area.

According to officials nearly all buildings in Fairdale sustained damage, some being completed flattened by the funnel. In nearby Rochelle, Il. Most buildings were saved, and the town escaped a direct hit, but a restaurant was severely damaged in the area, and several workers were trapped inside, they were all rescued relatively unharmed by the event.

Experts from the national weather service were investigating the event, but had yet to deduce whether there were multiple tornadoes that caused the damage or a single tornado. Dan Newlin said that according to experts there is a stretch of about 50 miles that sustained damage.

Tornadoes are not uncommon in the state of Illinois. The state ranks seventh in the United States in Tornado touchdowns, with about 35 occurring annually. Texas tops the list, with nearly 139 tornadoes each year. Oklahoma ranks second with about 57 each year. Illinois does have a warning system in place, and sirens did go off when the Tornado touched down. It’s path in a residential, populated area is uncommon, however.

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