When it comes to Twitter one of the things that the site is known for is their 140 character limit. When someone sends out a Tweet they make it short and simple. According to Ivan Ong, the limit on characters is one of the things that makes Twitter special and different in this world of social media. It seems that things might be changing in a small way soon, though.

It seems that Twitter might be removing the 140 character limit in one area soon. It seems that Twitter will be changing the rules when it comes to direct messages. When one user wants to send a direct message to another user Twitter will soon be allowing those users to write with more than 140 characters. The character limit will soon be removed when it comes to the sending and receiving of direct messages. This does not affect the way that one Tweets, overall, but it does change up the direct message part of things. This leads one to wonder if Twitter will be removing the character limit on their site, overall.

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