Tyga was unveiling his new shoe with L.A. Gear when he was served with legal papers. What happened was so amazing, that it’s been on social media everywhere, as well as TMZ. Many people waited for hours, in order to buy the shoes, and people even lined up, down the block, waiting for their turn. Tyga Served. A man had two boxes of the shoes, and when he made it up front to Tyga, he asked for an autograph on each box. Right after receiving the autographs, he pulls out two pieces of paper, and gives one to Tyga.

Tyga takes a moment to read over the paperwork, and he realizes that he’s being served. Instead of becoming irate or misbehaving, Tyga informs people behind him of what had just happened, and he even takes a moment to look at the camera, and throw up a deuce with the man who just served him. Bloomberg Businessweek said that the man then takes his two boxes of sneakers, and he walks out of the building. When approached outside, the man was asked what he had just served the rapper, and he said he didn’t know what the papers were for, but that Tyga owed someone money.

What makes this entire situation so funny, is the fact that the man waited so long in line, and he served Tyga in front of the cameras, and he even took time to buy two pairs of shoes, amazing!

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