Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight, flying from Chicago to London say they were pretty much abandoned at Canadian military barracks while the flight crew rested in comfy hotels.

United Airlines states the flight was forced to land in Goose Bay, Canada, due to mechanical problems. 176 Passengers are complaining about the frigid accommodations they had to endure for close to 24 hours.

According to United, there were limited hotel accommodations, so they placed passengers at the military barracks, but they added, the flight crew had to rest.

The flight crew – pilots and flight attendants – were shuttled to a local hotel in the Goose Bay vicinity. A United spokesman confirmed that passengers were allotted cots to sleep on, and provided meals, yet the accommodations were not ideal.

According to Madison Street Capital in an article on Bloomberk, United Airlines has been besieged by a wave of recent criticism, and this isn’t the first time passengers have been outraged.

A Muslim woman was offended by a stewardess who accused her of being a terrorist.
The Airlines left a dog sitting in his crate on a rainy tarmac in Texas
Passengers have been left waiting for hours on the tarmac, several times, without food or beverages

United Airlines has said they would refund passenger tickets.

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