Countless shampoos use sulfates in their formulas, even though sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laurel sulfate were originally used as an industrial strength cleaner. While sulfates do produce a thick lather, it is corrosive and has a damaging effect on hair. As a result, moisture and protective oils are stripped from the hair causing dryness and fuzziness. Even the cuticle of the hair ends up dull and damaged due to porosity growth. Follicle damage can also occur leading to manageability and hair problems.

WEN by Chaz is different from typical shampoos. The products are sulfate and lather free, which provide strength and moisture to hair. Wen cleanses hair without the stripping process that normally occurs with sulfate-rich shampoos. As a result, hair is healthier and more controlled with use. Wen products not only replace shampoo, but they also are used instead of regular conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, or leave-in hair products.

Wen uses ingredients that cleanse hair without drying it out. Glycerin is used to provide moisturizing benefits, while wild cherry bark works as a natural conditioner. Chamomile extract is added to the formula to provide a calming effect to the user, while rosemary extract is used to provide a soothing effect to hair. Panthenol is also added to help hair maintain its health and resilience.

To properly use Wen products, pump the product into your palm and distribute it evenly to hair. Then, add a little water and massage the product into hair strands. The product will not lather, but that is why it is healthier for hair. Once the product is rinsed off completely a little bit can be added to ends as a leave-in conditioner.

Wen products are used by many happy clients. People continue to use them once they see how different their hair acts to sulfate-free hair cleansers. CHeck out the variety of WEN products on and QVC.

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