Over at HelloTesla, there is a big new topic: email marketing through videos. One company that has had the site all ablaze with good reviews is Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a company that has more than 1,000 templates and ready-to-film videos for any kind of email. However, users can also free form their videos by simply hitting the record button. At the moment, users can only use the site if they pay $175 for the first month, and $20 for each subsequent month they want to use the site.

Why is Talk Fusion making such a buzz in the marketing world? The reasons vary from simply being able to keep the audience’s interest to being able to reach more people. Video email marketing, as the new term goes, takes the idea of marketing via emails – and with blocks of text – and turns it into a new idea.

Emails are difficult to follow sometimes. If those emails are full of text, the audience’s attention span will not last long enough to read the 14 or 15 paragraphs on why they should use a specific service – no offense to the companies who have had success with this in the past.

Today, it’s all about instant. Instant information is available through a simple web search and multiple wiki sites. Instant gratification is available through online shopping and streaming services. Video email marketing plays to the wish of the audience to be gratified instantly. Let’s face it, videos are also much easier to pay attention to than the typical idea of an email.

For the fun of it, creating videos is easy. When the fun and the marketing collide, business becomes more pleasure than business. There will always be a few customers who simply do not open, read, or watch the entire email. However, those who do will pay more attention to the videos than they will the blocky email text.

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