NutriMost is a really useful system my wife and I tried after we saw the twitter advertisement for it. We knew that the program was going to be something that would give us some kind of results, but we wanted to learn how to eat at the same time. We had tried going to the gym, but that was not enough. This was a lot more helpful because it taught us what we needed to know about staying on some kind of nutrition plan.
We were not measuring ourselves to see if we could get to the weight that the couple in the story lost, but we did want to see if we were going to be able to make a positive change in our life just by eating better. We checked out the plan at NutriMost, and then we decided it was time to make the change. We were eating on their plan, and we knew we were losing weight because our clothes did not fit anymore. It was not even a matter of how much weight we were losing, we were just happy that it was so simple.

We have a completely different diet now, and we just follow the weight loss plan as much as we can. We try to make it easy by following the plan we followed to begin with, and we never had to weigh ourselves. Our clothes fit great, and we are so happy with the program that we are telling everyone we know about it. I never thought I would get down to this weight, but now I know that anything is possible. Our facebook friends are going to do the plan next, and we cannot wait to see their results. It is going to be great staying on NutriMost to stay at the right weight.
Brookfield Couple loses more than 140 lbs. by NutriMost