Crowdfunding is a big thing in today’s world. It raises money for poor families to pay for medical bills, funeral bills for accidents, among other things. As with any new way to raise money, those who have been a little stupid will take advantage of it, and they have done this. However, iFunding isn’t the typical crowdfunding site.

William Skelley started this crowdfunding operation. Not much is known about him – the only wiki entry is for a William G. Skelley, who died in 1957 – but he has changed the way crowdfunding is looked at. He attended Hobart College, and has made himself very successful.

Anyway, iFunding is a crowdfunding site for real-estate businesses. The company routes all the money invested through what is known as a Single Purpose Vehicle LLC. This allows the company to then use the money to make investments on properties.  Skelley also made sure that iFunding has a Google Play app that has become extremely popular.

iFunding is more of an investment service than a crowdfunding site in many respects, and that’s only one of them. Customers actually make money through iFunding and through investing in the different properties.

However, there is more to iFunding. This company offers a dashboard for every investor. This dashboard has a variety of features, but one of the best for the user is the weekly update on what is going on. It shows photos of projects, what money has been spent, where the money went, and much more. There’s a status update on the dashboard, and an email is sent out as the status is updated online. In addition, the update includes a video update. This update could be a simple walk through of the site, or it could be a fly by of the site from the air.

Other features of iFunding are more mundane compared to the weekly update. The reporting of fundraising programs, the sites, etc. is completely transparent. The user will know everything. Users can monitor their fundraising efforts on the site, and when the fundraising is successful, the project gets the go ahead. If there is not enough funding, the user will get their money back without a single fee.

No matter how the user takes advantage of the features of iFunding, there is plenty there for them to work with. There are plenty of reports, fundraising opportunities, and investors. All an iFunding user has to do is watch their dashboard and participate in the fundraising.  Follow them on Facebook for further updates.