Cone Marshall Limited which is a law firm, works with global families and their advisors. The company works by establishing companies and partnerships, providing global wealth and establishing New Zealand trust. Cone Marshal offers the services to family advisors, attorneys, private banks trustees and other organizations located outside New Zealand in assisting them to plan for their clients.

The company also provides succession, trust, tax, and structuring advice. Cone Marshall can also give administrative assistance if it is needed. They employ a very high level of customer privacy and confidentiality, and as such all information is received protection by legal protection privilege.

There are many experts in legal matters who work under Cone Marshall, but the key experts are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall who form a key pillar of the organization.

What has made Cone Marshall maintain high growth rate?

International people seek the services of Cone Marshall because of the quality and excellence exhibited by the staff. Apart from showing professionalism and courtesy, the employees are kind and willing to go an extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. The client support service is vibrant and one that is timely and responsive. The great and conducive working environment have resulted in low staff turnovers and highly motivated workers. The kind of services offers to stand out and allows them to serve even high profile clients from parts of the world. Their ability to handle matters with expertise and offer credible information to the customers has boosted their business in international markets and allowed them to penetrate new markets.

The management team at Cone Marshall provide top notch leadership. The executives are not only skilled in leaders but also experienced in providing direction to international organizations. This has placed them at a good place to provide strategic leadership and be able to direct the company towards a positive growth rate. Through such leaders and managers, Cone Marshall has been able to weather stiff competition from multinationals and deal with market dynamics wisely. Proper planning and highly motivated staff under them is an asset. The leadership also offers continuous training and development courses to the staff to remain up to date with current trends, laws, and legislation in the legal industry.

Finally, the recruitment process has played a significant role in staff retention thus contributing to positive growth. Cone Marshall Company employees’ current selection and hiring process. They seek highly trained and qualified personnel who can be able to translate the head knowledge into handling real life issues. Such employees are all round with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Their skills are well compensated. That makes the staff feel valued and appreciated translating to high labor productivity.