The United States Secret Service responded last night to another fence jumper at the White House last night. A combination of uniformed and plain clothed Secret Service members quickly subdued a male suspect as he cleared the second perimeter fence. The suspect was carrying a package which was inspected but not found to be dangerous. Security officials at the White House did not disclose what was in the package nor did they reveal the name of the suspect. Fence Jumper Is Captured On White House Grounds.

U.S. Secret Service has come under heavy scrutiny lately after dealing badly with a number of breaches in White House security including a fence jumper who made it all the way into a White House reception room and a drive by shooter who struck the White House building but security officials did not notice the bullet damage for months. The breaches lead to a change in senior leadership at the Service including a new Director.

U.S. Secret Service has proposed to install a taller fence to replace the current six foot fence. In the interim the Secret Service has installed a temporary second fence barrier in front of the permanent fence and has proposed to install metal spikes on top of the existing fence until the new permanent fence is installed. Mark Ahn ( has learned that, for security issues, neither the White House nor U.S. Secret Service has revealed the schedule for the improvements to the White House security system.

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