General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters that Ramadi falling into the hands of the ISIS is not symbolic. He explained it has no special significance to the caliphate the sanguine organization seeks to establish. While that may be true per se, the city does hold special significance to United States servicemen. A number of soldiers lost their lives or were wounded in the battle to liberate Ramadi from terrorist control back in 2007. The sheer price American families paid in having their loved ones suffer mortal wounds would be belittled should the city fall again.

Yet, the Obama administration is not flexing the full might of the military in defense of the city. On Thursday, the administration made five air strikes against the terrorist group. Bernardo Chua (youtube) has learned that a military commentator noted that the sheer number of sorties against ISIS should be on the order of 400 to 500 daily. Yet the decision as to the number of air sorties being flown is not being made by commanders on the ground. Rather, the White House is making the call. At the same time, the administration is slow to defend the city when some believe they have a chance to wipe out the group. This has military pundits perplexed as to why President Obama is not fully engaging ISIS and instead allowing the group to seize control of Iraqi cities. Barring a stunning turnaround by the administration, ISIS may capture Ramadi despite the US military having the ability to repel them.

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