Yesterday, June 23, Governor Haley of South Carolina decided to ban the Confederate flag from the state’s government buildings and grounds. After this decision, many retailers decided to also ban its sale, including Walmart and Amazon.

Why is this ban such a huge problem?

The flag is a symbol of independence and freedom to many people. A lot of the people who fought in the Civil War didn’t fight to keep slaves or even the institution of slavery. Their descendants take pride in the flag because they fought to retain their freedom from what they thought were Union interlopers. UnofficialNetworks says things like the swastika, symbols can have many meanings. In some countries, the U.S. flag is a symbol of freedom, while in others it’s a symbol of oppression. Should there be a ban on the U.S. flag, which has also been used in photographs by those who acted in the same way as Dylan Roof? Should Hawaii, which has the Union Jack in its flag, have a different flag because the Union Jack is considered by many to be a symbol of colonization and oppression?

The Governor’s actions show just how near-sighted she is in regards to racism and other issues in the state and nationwide. By pulling the flag, she has given those who are already filled with hatred more reason to hate and those who weren’t angry over race a reason to be so.

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