Times are tough for George Gascon, the San Francisco District Attorney after allegations by a former union leader that he made racial statements during a dinner party. George enjoyed a good relationship with the police union in the past but now describes it as obstructionist and unconcerned about the diversity found in the police department.


In a sworn declaration by Gary Delagnes, he alleges that the act took place during a dinner when they were attending a police union leadership forum that had been organized by Harvard Law School. The former Police Officers Association President submitted the declaration to a blue-ribbon task force put up by the District Attorney to look into claims that there were cases of racism and homophobia in the department.


The submission by Delagnes came only eight days after Gascon gave his testimony to the task force on how police unions influenced the police chief’s or police commission’s ability to carry out necessary reforms.


Delagnes has a history of 25 years of service on the force and nine years as the POA president. He retired in 2013. Throughout his career, Delagnes was known to throw verbal punches. He recollects the dinner they attended back in 2010. The dinner was attended by Gascon, Martin Halloran (the current POA President) and a union representative. Gascon was drinking heavily during the dinner.


Gascon started remembering his service at the Los Angeles Police Department. It is at this time that Delagnes alleges that Gascon made statements that disparaged minorities. Gascon ended up being so loud and animated that he began offending another patron’s family. The African American patron had to come over to ask Gascon to restrain himself.


Delagnes decided to come out with the declaration after reading the statement made by Gascon to the blue-ribbon panel. Gascon expressed worry about the current state of the police department in comparison to the time he was the police chief between 2009 and 2011. Delagnes goes on to point out a not-so-rosy relationship between then chief Gascon and union leaders.

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