It could be that Bass’ was only the financial equivalent of a one-hit-wonder: that he hit the market in 2008 with a successful prediction that came more as an accidental result of a successfully pursued hunch than anything relating to expertise. It could also be that Bass has a hidden agenda behind his financial dealings. It’s hard to tell for sure, but there are definitely facts worth considering when one looks at Bass’ hedge fund and it’s continuing decline.
writes that Kyle Bass is originally from Argentina, the same country which has defaulted economically two times in only thirteen years. Undoubtedly, socialistic despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is a big reason for such economic failings. This woman who functions as the current Argentinian president has made some terrible financial calls. The funny thing is, Kyle Bass always seems ready to sing her praises. He supports the woman in a way that doesn’t make sense, given his apparent financial acumen. How can a man who became internationally famous for predicting America’s sub-prime lending crisis fail to notice the failings of his own country? Furthermore, how can he endorse the person principally responsible on a continual basis? Bass regularly makes media appearances on financial programs. Whenever de Kirchner is brought up, he is always quick to support her. It’s like that old Biblical parable about the man with a beam of wood in his eye telling someone else about a speck of dust in theirs. Bass and Kirchner have a veritable housing framework crammed between their eyes, yet somehow he managed to become famous pointing out America’s housing speck.

Since then the truth has begun to reveal itself, however. Bass’ hedge fund has been in a continual decline since the 2008 financial crisis rocked everybody’s boat. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s performing badly is that Bass never had any true acumen to begin with. His support of de Kirchner is like a signpost: Bass likely has socialistic resources informing not only his management of the Texas hedge fund over which he presides, but informing what he says on his media appearances as well. In fact, this would be defensible as Bass’ sole aim in the USA, were it not for CAD.

CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It’s a group Bass uses to manipulate big-ticket pharmaceutical companies into dropping the cost of their drugs. In the end, their stock plummets and Bass short sells his holdings with them, getting away with millions of dollars. This indicates some kind of selfish motivation, or at least a profound disrespect for America’s economic system. Either way, it pushes Bass beyond the position of mere de Kirchner-ian lackey, and into the realm of outright humbug. Whether or not CAD has something to do with Argentina or not, Bass’ poor financial decisions seem to increase in their questionable nature as time goes by.