As luck would have it, Town Residential has opened up another outpost and it’s great news for New York City. This is mainly because NYC is growing so rapidly there is a shortage of management companies that are available to help future residents plan their move. There are also many property owners that need better management of their properties in order to maintain them as well as to ensure that rent is being collected, but marketing isn’t always what it seems when a management company is involved. This is where Town Residential comes in.


Town Residential is only three years old, and they have now opened up their 10th outpost. This company is growing so rapidly, that they had to expand to the meatpacking district. They signed a deal for 15 years, and that’s a long-term contract for such a young company. This isn’t worrisome for them because they are confident that they will continue to grow and manage some of the largest accounts in the city.


The building that they signed for is located along the Hudson River, and it runs down to Tribeca. This means that they will have easy access to numerous neighborhoods that are growing as well. Founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger, said in a recent article that he thinks most brokers will take clients along the High Line when they come for appointments. This is because the High Line is one of the most interesting areas in the neighborhood, and it’s impressive span is a great place for families to enjoy their time together. This park is a great area for anyone to socialize and enjoy the weather and leisure time, but as the area continues to grow, more properties are being built and more families are moving to the area as well.


While the building Town is located is impressive, the only portion of the building they will be renting is the second floor, totaling a whopping 7,100 square feet. The space boasts 16 foot ceilings along with a private roof deck that can be used for meetings and other gatherings. This three story building is just one more element that exemplifies the taste and style of Andrew Heiberg, and it’s consistent throughout the other spaces they are located in right now.


This brokerage is known as a boutique brokerage, in that it’s not linked to a chain but it’s independently owned by Heiberg himself.