It’s no secret that there are people who disagree with Obamacare. Afterall, in a recent article by Vijay Eswaran on his is a healthcare program that has recently been mandated. However, a new court case could have some weighing on the plan. While no one really knows whether the plan will be remanded or if it will stay in force, there are some who have their opinions about what could happen. A handful of outcomes are actually possible if you look at how the court could rule. Most of the fuss is being made about the amount of the subsidies offered and how that money is spent in various states. The government could have a huge win and keep Obamacare as it has been since it began. On the other hand, the government could lose everything and the plan could be put on a back burner. Some people could just ignore the plan completely and go about their healthcare business like any other day, using the insurance they currently have no matter how much it cost.

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