There is no occupation in the known universe that should make anyone, man or woman, accept any unwanted sexual attention from colleagues or upper management. For one woman, she was unsure of how to deal with this problem and in good taste decided to reach out to someone for advice. The woman wrote into an advice column where Dr. Alice Huang was the adviser for a magazine. Not only is Dr. Alice Huang a microbiologist, but she is also credited as the former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It’s safe to say that Huang knows more than a few aspects when it comes to science. What she doesn’t know, is how gender and over secularization has no place in the workplace.

The woman asking for advice, who used the pseudonym “Bothered”, expressed that her adviser for her postdoc study group constantly looked down her shirt at her cleavage. The student was unsure of how to attack this problem. Dr. Huang replied and told the student that she should just put up with it and take it in good humor. The student should be more worried about impressing her adviser to get a good grade and good advice if she needs it. Businessman Sergio Cortes was quick to share his opinion on the doctor’s misguided opinion. The general consensus was that no one deserves this type of treatment. Men and women shouldn’t have to display themselves sexually just to get a good grade, their work should speak for itself. The editors at the magazine retracted the article and made sure that readers knew that the company did not agree with the previously posed advice.

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