Yeonmi Park, author of the Amazon best-selling book; In Order To Live: A North Korean’s Journey To Freedom, is a truly remarkable individual. She escaped from the trap of North Korea while still a child, at the tender age of thirteen. She, together with her parents, crossed through the Yalu river, which was frozen at that time, and reached China in the dead of night. She eventually made her way to South Korea, but that journey took a few years. She had to cross the great Gobi desert to reach the Mongolian border. From there she was able to reach South Korea via a plane.

She suffered tragedy after tragedy, hardship after hardship. Although she crossed the border with both of her parents, only her mother survived. Her father died of cancer that he was unable to receive treatment for. Park tells Reason TV that her father died without ever even knowing what democracy is or ever having experienced it.

Her escape started on March 31 of the year 2007. Not only did her father die on her, her mother was raped in front of her eyes. This was when the smuggler who helped them get over the border wanted to rape Yeonmi, but her mother would not allow it and instead offered herself. Yeonmi Park was a brave woman and she did it for her child. That was a truamatic experience for the young girl.

When Yeonmi crossed the border and managed to escape from North Korea, she had absolutely no possesions. She did not have adequate amounts of food or drink, and she did not have many of the basic necessities that we all take for granted as our way of life, such as toilet paper or even toilets. However, she persevered, and eventually made her way out and became very successful.